Optimise your logistics!

Amiralogistic, working hand-in-hand with your company

In 2017, Amiratrans created Amiralogistic. From storage to order preparation, Amiralogistic is your ideal partner!

Logistics: the key to company performance of your enterprise

From goods storage to transport, we can optimise your processes through professional stock management and flow organisation. We analyse your existing practices and implement efficient methods at every stage in the process: sorting, quality control, pallet loading, labelling, stock, packaging, returns management and more.

7,000m² of storage space in Lunel (34) and 5,000m² in Vénissieux (69) at your disposal.

Lunel warehouse

Vénissieux warehouse

Our services

  • Order processing
  • Handling management
  • Transport and delivery organisation
  • Staff schedule management (rotas, activities, etc.)
  • Your advantages

  • Cost optimisation
  • Flow organisation
  • Improved loading methods
  • Expert stock management

  • Our process